Safwat Malek, Founder
Enviro International
(650) 619-8760

Environmental Architect

About Enviro International: Enviro International develops responsible single-family homes, multi-residential and commercial buildings, churches, resorts and other green developments. The firm also focuses on home renovations.

The goal is to design buildings that the clients can be proud to own, that beautifully and thoughtfully complement the land’s natural shape. The company serves as a LEED certified and general contractor for these purposes.

3 IN 1 ROOF Building Impact

• Integrated solar solution preserves architectural aesthetic,
• Economical build method for premium roofing designs,
• Roof top Insulation reduces HVAC load and saves energy,
• Easy installation and maintenance of solar roofing.

”Satisfies my vision of integrated solar, that I’ve been seeking for a long time.”

Safwat Malek, Founder - Enviro International