Matthew Belcher, Director of Sales
Hibbs Homes Inc.
(314) 392-9631

Home Builder

About Hibbs Homes: Since 2004 we’ve done the right thing in every situation. We conduct our business with honesty and transparency. We believe that we can only build we envision by slowly building relationships of trust with our vendors, clients, and the community.

Our role as a custom home builder is to serve as your champion and advocate throughout the home building process. We'll guide you through the process of achieving your ideal home within your budget. We'll serve as your sounding board as you make important choices to make your house a home.

3 IN 1 ROOF Business Impact

• Separate apart from the competition,
• Higher home sustainability,
• Higher home safety from fire and wind,
• Higher levels of environmental comfort.

”It’s a better mousetrap because it prevents obsolescence.”

Matthew Belcher, Director of Sales - Hibbs Homes Corporation