Gary Klein, Pres
Gary Klein and Associates
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Sustainability Consultant

About Gary Klein & Associates: Provides consulting services and training to architects, engineers, builders, contractors and homeowners on the most effective ways to achieve sustainable buildings.

Educate builders around the country to implement best practices with national codes, standards and incentive programs including ICC, IAPMO, ASHRAE, EPA Energy Star, WaterSense™, LEED and NAHB regarding in high performance buildings of all types.

3 IN 1 ROOF Building Impact

• Rooftop foam prevents solar gain into attic and saves energy,
• Virtually nail free installation minimizes water leakage,
• Rooftop foam protects weather barrier and increases roof life,
• Integrated solar roof tiles are less exposed in high winds.

”When it is time to do a new roof, it’s a great choice.”

Gary Klein, President - Gary Klein & Associates Inc.